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This page contains general information. Select a registration to see information connected to this registration.

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 Welcome to the system of Internet Recruitment of Candidates (IRK) for studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Please read the following information carefully.

1.   Candidate registers only once in Internet Recruitment of Candidates, hereinafter referred as „IRK” (creates one Candidate’s Account).

2.   When creating an account, the candidate selects the "Create an account" option, confirms that he has read the GDPR information clause and then creates an account by providing his e-mail address and setting a password (the password must consist of at least 8 characters, including at least one character from each group, i.e. uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, special character (@! ^)).

3.   After the account is created, the candidate is able to log in multiple times using the e-mail address and password provided when setting up the account.

4.   After setting up an account, the Candidate chooses one field of study, level and form of study for which they apply. This choice is visible in the "My Account" tab -> “Enrollment” applications. The option to sign up for a field of study in a given Phase is available in the “Registration” or “Studies” tab.

5.   A Candidate within a given recruitment Phase may freely change the field and form of studies within a given level of study by withdrawing the application for the field for which the Candidate is currently enrolled and then enrolling in another field available in the given Phase of recruitment. The option to withdraw the application is available in the "My account" tab-> “Enrollment applications”.

6.   Recruitment fee should be paid (does not apply to Candidates for veterinary medicine FVM/IMS) on the individual bank account number assigned to the Candidate. Account number appears "My account" tab-> “Payments” after complete the registration and the field of study choice. Confirmation of recruitment fee payment is recorded in „Payments” tab usually 2-3 days from the date of payment.

7.   The recruitment fee is PLN 85.00. The enrollment fee is refundable only in the following cases: the Candidate's resignation prior to qualification or because of failure to start the study program.

8.   A Candidate applying for 1st and 2nd degree studies at the same time pays separate recruitment fees for each level of studies.

9.   In each Phase resulting from the recruitment calendar, only Candidates are qualified who,
i.a. choose field of study and paid the admission fee.

10.  If the Candidate is not qualified for the selected field of study in the first Phase of recruitment, the Candidate may participate in the supplementary qualification (additional Phase). Participation in the supplementary qualification and making changes the field of study takes place within the admission fee and under condition that places in a given field of study are still available.

11.  Participation in the supplementary (additional Phase) qualification requires re-enrollment
in the available fields of study in an additional recruitment Phase.

12.  A Candidate qualified for admission, who does not provide the required documents within the indicated deadline, is treated as a person who resigned from participation in the recruitment. The Candidate's re-participation in the supplementary qualifications (additional Phase) requires again field of study choice.

13. The password to log in to IRK (forgotten, lost) can be recovered by the Candidate on their own in the "Log in" tab by selecting the “forgot my password?” option.

 Contact for English spoken candidates: admission@sggw.edu.pl